“The Variety of Nonprofit Organizations and Local Hazard Mitigation Efforts”

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Dr. Hyunjung Ji (University of Alabama), et al.

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Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs, 25 July 2022

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This study examines how different types of NPOs influence local governments’ hazard mitigation efforts. Based on Marquis et al. (2013), we categorized NPOs into three types and analyzed a county-level dataset (N=1,626) with fixed-effect Poisson regression. Findings indicate that counties with a greater number of NPOs working for enhancing the overall community’s social welfare are more likely to develop hazard mitigation projects. In contrast, the prevalence of elite-oriented NPOs that focus on selective community constituents is negatively associated with local governments’ hazard mitigation project development. This study provides important implications for the critical roles of NPOs in facilitating hazard mitigation efforts in relationships with local governments.