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Colloquium Series

a lecturer speaks to a classroom full of studentsThe Department of Political Science hosts an active colloquium series that features research from our own faculty and students, as well as that of innovative scholars from around the country. The series typically hosts six to eight lectures per academic year.

Current Series


Thursday, September 20

Dr. Ani Sarkissian, Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Title: “Ask and You Shall Receive: The Causes and Consequences of State Support for Religion”

Thursday, October 18

Dr. Clint Peinhardt, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
Title: “Multinational Corporations and Political Violence”

Friday, November 7

Dr. Samara Klar, Associate Professor, University of Arizona School of Government and Public Policy
Title: “Sorting the News: How Ranking by Popularity Polarizes Our Politics”

Friday, January 29

Dr. David Konisky, Associate Professor, Indiana University Bloomington
Title: “Title: Policy Devolution and Coordination Dilemmas”

Thursday, February 28

Dr. Bruce McDonald III, Associate Professor, NC State University
Title: “You Don’t Always Get What You Want: The Effect of Financial Incentives on State Fiscal Health”

Wednesday, March 6

Dr. Donley T. Studlar, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, West Virginia University
Title: “Morality Policy Processes in Advanced Industrial Democracies”