Revised Online System for Advising for Summer/Fall 2020

Until the campus reopens, all advising in the PSC Department will be done by email.  Students registering during the Summer can also be advised through the College of Arts and Sciences:  visit to learn how to schedule an A&S Advising appointment.

PSC majors or minors should contact Dr.  Steve Borrelli for all advising questions, or to request a Zoom appointment.

INST majors or minors should contact Dr.  Karl DeRouen   All questions and decisions regarding what counts for various INST requirements are handled by Dr. DeRouen.

If you have questions about admissions to our graduate programs (MA or PhD in political science, or Masters of Public Administration), go back to the home page, and click on “Graduate” for more information

1.)   Send your advisor an email, from your address if at all possible,  WITH THIS SUBJECT LINE    “Advising 2020.”  
a.)  Include a list of courses you intend to take in Interim, Summer, and/or Fall.  The only course information we need are departments and course numbers (e.g., PSC 312).  We do not need CRNs or section numbers.
b.)  Include any questions you may have.
c.)  INCLUDE YOUR CWID number!
d.)  Save your current Degree Works worksheet (i.e., what you first see when you log onto DW) into a pdf, and include that pdf as an attachment in your email to your adviser.  (There is a “save as pdf” button on the left-central part of the worksheet). If you do not do this in your initial email, your advisor will ask you to.*
2.)  Your advisor will reply with whatever comments or questions are appropriate.  You should then reply with an acknowledgement that you have been advised and that you are ready to register.
3.)  PIN Clearance:  Our current understanding is that because of the unusual situation, ALL PINs will be cleared before undergraduate registration begins on March 31.  So if you don’t get advised before your registration time, you will still be able to register.  But even if you register before you are advised, you should still contact an adviser and let them know what you decided to take, or if you have any questions or problems.
Starting April 15th, students at all levels can also be advised by the College of Arts and Sciences advisors in the Office of Student Services

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Need more information?

For information regarding Political Science or International Studies advising, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our graduate secretary, Trey Adams.