“Partisanship in times of crisis: evidence from Italy”

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Dr. Alessandro Del Ponte

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Political Science Research Methods,

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Partisanship in times of crisis: evidence from Italy

Dr. Alessandro Del Ponte (University of Alabama), Alexa Bankert, and Leonie Huddy

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There is a continuing debate over the political importance and durability of partisan attachments in European multi-party systems. Drawing on a nationally representative five-wave panel, we provide a longitudinal test of the power of partisanship in Italy over the course of the tumultuous 2013 national elections. We find that a strong partisan affiliation measured as a social identity two years prior to the election promoted system stability by increasing support for the in-party and inhibiting electoral support for the insurgent Five Star Movement (M5S). In contrast, non-partisans, especially highly educated ones, were more likely than partisans to vote for M5S. Our results illustrate the role of partisanship in stabilizing multi-party systems amid crisis.