Winning at Following: Secrets to Success in Supporting Roles



J. Norman Baldwin

Published: 03/20/2017

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Published 2016


This book presents the first and only road map for finding success and happiness in life’s most common yet underrated role—that of follower. The book synthesizes the findings from the quantitative and qualitative research to reveal the qualities and skills that leaders and managers are looking for in the ideal subordinate. However, the premise of this book is that pleasing the boss is never enough. It is critical that followers please themselves. The book consequently identifies the natural followership styles of the reader and the organizations cultures and climates that are most compatible with those styles. Moreover, it reports the findings from hundreds of studies on job satisfaction, as well as findings from the body of research on the best and worst jobs for followers. The book concludes by giving followers instruction on how to deal effectively with problematic bosses–micro-managers, unethical bosses, sexual harassers, and abusive, bullying bosses. Individuals satisfied in their roles as followers will discover information that helps them to optimize their success and fulfillment at work, while anyone struggling as a follower and searching for directions for positive change will find this book to be invaluable formula for finding greater meaning, success, and satisfaction at work and in life.