Recent Publications

Dr. Waleed Hazbun, “American Interventionism and the Geopolitical Roots of Yemen’s Catastrophe.” Journal Article

American Interventionism and the Geopolitical Roots of Yemen’s Catastrophe Dr. Waleed Hazbun (The University of Alabama) Middle East Report: No. 289 (Winter 2018): 32-37 Abstract The region’s current pattern of violence is rooted in the repeated US efforts to re-make the region to its advantage through the use of coercive force since 2001. Washington’s interventions

Dr. Waleed Hazbun, “In America’s Wake: Turbulence and Insecurity in the Middle East” Journal Article

In America’s Wake: Turbulence and Insecurity in the Middle East Dr. Waleed Hazbun (University of Alabama) POMEPS Studies 34: Shifting Global Politics and the Middle East (edited by Marc Lynch and Amaney Jamal (Washington DC: Project on Middle East Political Science, 2019); Contribution to edited volume March 19, 2019. Abstract Since the Arab Uprisings, Middle

Dr. David H. Bearce and Dr. Seungbin Park, “Why Remittances are a Political Blessing and Not a Curse.” Journal Article

Seungbin Park (University of Alabama), David H. Bearce (University of Colorado – Boulder) Studies in Comparative International Development Abstract This paper reconsiders the proposition that remittances act as a political curse by reducing the poor’s demand for economic redistribution. With a newer democratization model focused on the demand for income protection from the rising groups

Waleed Hazbun, et al., “Towards a Beirut School of critical security studies .” Journal Article

Waleed Hazbun (University of Alabama), Samer Abboud, Omar S. Dahi, Nicole Sunday Grove, Coralie Pison Hindawi, Jamil Mouawad & Sami Hermez Critical Studies on Security (Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2018), pp. 273-295) Abstract This collectively written work offers a map of our ongoing efforts to work through critical approaches to the study of security and global politics

Sungho Park, Craig Maher, and Carol Ebdon, “Local Property Tax Limits in Nebraska: Within-State Variations in Effects.” Journal Article

Sungho Park (University of Alabama), Craig Maher (University of Nebraska – Omaha) and Carol Ebdon (University of Nebraska – Omaha) Public Administration Quarterly (Vol. 42, No. 3: 328-371) Abstract Tax and expenditure limitations (TELs) have been widely imposed on state and local governments. A substantial amount of research has been conducted on the effects of