Daniel J. Levine, et al., “Planet Politics: A Manifesto from the End of IR.” Journal Article

Daniel J. Levine (University of Alabama), Anthony Burke (UNSW Austrailia), Stefanie Fishel (University of Alabama), Audra Mitchell (Balsillie School of International Affairs/Wilfrid, Laurier University), and Simon Dalby (Balsillie School of International Affairs/Wilfrid, Laurier University)

Millennium (Published (June, 2016); 44:3 – 499-523 )


Planet Politics is about rewriting and rethinking International Relations as a set of practices, both intellectual and organisational. We use the polemical and rhetorical format of the political manifesto to open a space for inter-disciplinary growth and debate, and for thinking about legal and institutional reform. We hope to begin a dialogue about both the limits of IR, and of its possibilities for forming alliances and fostering interdisciplinary that can draw upon climate science, the environmental humanities, and progressive international law to respond to changes wrought by the Anthropocene and a changing climate.