John Oneal

John R. Oneal

Professor Emeritus


  • PhD, Stanford University, 1979
  • AM, Stanford University, 1970
  • BS, United States Military Academy, 1968


Research Interests

  • International Relations

Selected Publications

  • Trade Does Promote Peace: new Simultaneous Estimates of the Reciprocal Effects of Trade and Conflict. Journal of Peace Research, 2010. With Havard Hegre and Bruce Russett.
  • Do Hegemons Distribute Private Goods? A Test of Power-Transition Theory. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2007,With Margit Bussman.
  • Does the Diversionary Use of Force Threaten the Democratic Peace? Assessing the Effect of Economic Growth on Interstate Conflict, 1921-2001. International Studies Quarterly, 2006. With Jaroslav Tir.