Dr. Hyunjung Ji

Associate Professor


  • PhD, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA, 2016
  • MPA, Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea, 2009
  • BA, Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea, 2007

Research Areas

  • Public Policy and Administration


Office Hours

Email for appointment.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Management and Governance
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Disaster Resilience
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Policy Design and Implementation
  • Public Policy Analysis

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental Policy
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Urban Administration
  • Program Evaluation

Selected Publications

  • Ji, H. & Tate, M.P. (2020). Spillover Effects of Central Cities on Sustainability Efforts in a Metropolitan Area. Policy Sciences. 1-22 (Forthcoming).
  • Ji, H. & Darnall, N. (2020). How Do External Conditions Affect The Design of Local Governments’ Sustainability Strategies? Regulation & Governance. 1-20 (Online First).
  • Ji, H. & Lee, D. (2020). Disaster Risk Mitigation, Community Resilience, and Policy Effectiveness: The Case of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program in the U.S. Disasters. 1-21 (Online First).
  • Ji, H. (2019). How Do Different Types of Local Governments’ Sustainability Programs Relate to Their Environmental Outcomes. Policy Studies Journal, 1-31 (Online First).
  • Ji, H. & Darnall, N. (2018) All Are Not Created Equal: Assessing Local Governments’ Strategic Approaches Towards Sustainability. Public Management Review, 20(1): 154-175.
  • Ji, H. (2018). Linking Risk Reduction and Community Resilience. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science (pp.1-25). Oxford University Press.
  • Darnall, N., Ji, H. & Vázquez-Brust, D.A. (2018) Third Party Certification, Sponsorship and Consumers’ Ecolabel Use. Journal of Business Ethics, 150 (4): 953-969.
  • Darnall, N., Ji, H., & Potoski, M. (2017) Institutional Design of Ecolabels: Sponsorship Signals Rule Strength. Regulation & Governance, 11(4): 438-450.
  • Ji, H., Ahn, J. & Chapman, J. (2016). The Role of Intergovernmental Aid in Defining Fiscal Sustainability At the Sub-National Level. Urban Studies. 53(14): 3063-3081.
  • Lee, Y. B. & Ji, H. (2011). An Empirical Study on the Impact of Environmental Regulation on Industrial Productivity: Focusing on Porter’s Hypothesis. The Korean Journal of Public Administration, 45(1): 171-197.