Holger Albrecht

Dr. Holger Albrecht



  • Dr. rer. soz.,Tuebingen University, 2008
  • MA (Magister Artium), Tuebingen University, 2001

Research Areas

  • Comparative Politics


Office Hours

By appointment.

Research Interests

  •  Civil-Military Relations
  • Authoritarianism and Regime Change
  • Middle East Politics
  • Violent Domestic Conflict

Teaching Interests

  • Middle East Politics
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Islamist Movements & Terrorism
  • Authoritarianism
  • Research Design

Selected Publications

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  • Albrecht, Holger and Markus Loewe. 2022. “States or Social Networks? Popular Attitudes amid Health Crises in the Middle East and North Africa,” International Political Science Review, online first.
  • Albrecht, Holger, Michael Bufano, and Kevin Koehler. 2022. “Role Model or Role Expansion? Popular Perceptions of the Military in Tunisia,” Political Research Quarterly 75(2): 321-337.
  • Koehler, Kevin, Sharan Grewal, and Holger Albrecht. 2022. “Who Fakes Support for the Military? Experimental Evidence from Tunisia,” Democratization 29(6): 1055-1076.
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