Elif Kalaycioglu

Elif Kalaycioglu

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. Political Science, University of Minnesota 2019
  • MSc. European Studies: Ideas and Identities, LSE (with distinction) 2009
  • B.A. Political Science(honors), Vassar College 2006

Research Areas

  • International Relations


Fall 2020 Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday 11:00am-1:00pm

Selected Publications

  • Kalaycioglu, Elif. (forthcoming). Cultural Diversity and World Politics. In the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. Oxford University Press. doi: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190846626.013.541.
  • Kalaycioglu, Elif. “Aesthetic Elisions: The Ruins of Palmyra and the ‘Good Life’ of Liberal Multiculturalism.” International Political Sociology, 14:3 (2020): 286-303.
  • Tagma, Halit Mustafa, Elif Kalaycioglu, and Emel Akcali. “ ‘Taming’ Arab social movements: Exporting neoliberal governmentality.” Security Dialogue 44.5-6 (2013): 375-392.
  • Kalaycioglu, Elif. Governing Culture ‘Credibly’: Contestation in the World Heritage Regime. In A. Phillips & C. Reus-Smit (Eds.), Culture and Order in World Politics (LSE International Studies). Cambridge University Press, 2020: 294-316.
  • Kalaycioglu, Elif. “Hagia Sophia and the Multi-Level Politics of Heritage.” Duck of Minerva, 15 Jul 2020: