Dana Patton

Dr. Dana Patton

Associate Professor


  • PhD, University of Kentucky
  • BA, University of Tulsa

Research Areas

  • Public Policy and Administration


Office Hours:


Research Interests

  • Health Policy
  • Social Policy
  • State Politics and Policy

Teaching Interests

  • Quantitative Methods for MPA students
  • Health Politics and Policy
  • Introduction to American Politics
  • American Public Policy

Selected Publications

  • Patton, Dana and Richard C. Fording. 2020. “The Effect of Women’s Descriptive Representation on Premature Mortality in the United States.” Social Forces 99(2):820-46.
  • Patton, Dana and Joseph Smith. 2020. “Gender, Ideology, and Dominance in Supreme Court Oral Arguments.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 41(4):393-415.
  • Fording, Richard C. and Dana Patton. 2020. “The Affordable Care Act and the Diffusion of Policy Feedback: The Case of Medicaid Work Requirements.” RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 6(2):131-53.
  • Fording, Richard C. and Dana Patton. 2019. “Medicaid Expansion and the Political Fate of The Governors Who Support It.”  Policy Studies Journal 47(2):274-299.        
  • Patton, Dana and Joseph L. Smith. 2017. “Lawyer, Interrupted: Gender Bias in Oral Arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court.” Journal of Law and Courts 5:337-361.
  • Patton, Dana, Julia F. Costich, and Niklas Lidströmer. 2017. “Paid Parental Leave Policies and Infant Mortality in OECD Countries: Policy Implications for the United States.” World Medical & Health Policy 9:6-23.