Alessandro Del Ponte

Dr. Alessandro Del Ponte

Assistant Professor


  • PhD, Political Science, Stony Brook University, 2019
  • MSc, Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Organizations, Bocconi University, 2013
  • MPA, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, SUNY Albany, 2012
  • BSc, Economics, University of Genoa, 2010

Research Areas

  • Public Policy & Administration


Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:45 – 5:15pm and by appointment.

Please use this link to schedule a meeting with me in person or via Zoom:

 Research Interests

  • Behavioral Economics; Experimental Methods; International Political Economy; Moral Psychology; Political Psychology

Teaching Interests

  • Global Crises and International Cooperation; Morality, Politics, and Public Policy

Selected Publications

Global Crises

  • Climate
    • Del Ponte, A., Ang, L., Li, L., Lim, N., Tam, W.S.W., & Seow, W.J. (2022). Change of air quality knowledge, perceptions, attitudes, and practices during and post-wildfires in the United States. Science of the Total Environment, 836, 155432. [link]
    • Del Ponte, A., Ang, L., Li, L., Lim, N., Tam, W.S.W., & Seow, W.J. (2022). Development and Validation of a New Scale to Assess Air Quality Knowledge (AQIQ). Environmental Pollution, 299, 118750. [link]
    • Del Ponte, A. , Delton, A.W., Kline, R., & Seltzer, N. (2017). Passing It Along: Experiments on Creating the Negative Externalities of Climate Change. The Journal of Politics, 79 (4), 1444-1448. [link]
  • Economy
    • Del Ponte, A., & DeScioli, P.  (2021). Pay Your Debts: Moral Dilemmas of International Debt. Political Behavior. [link]
    • Del Ponte, A., Canofari, P., & De Dominicis, A.  (2021). Financial and Trade Relationships between the Eurozone and China in the Age of Resilience. Asia Europe Journal19(4), 489-506. [link]
    • Del Ponte, A. , & DeScioli, P. (2019). Spending Too Little in Hard Times. Cognition, 183 (1), 139-151. [link]
  • Migration
    • Del Ponte, A., DeScioli, P.,  Masiliunas, A., & Lim, N.  (2021). One-Way Routes Complicate Cooperation in Migrant Crises. Scientific Reports, 11, 13529. [link]


  • Carter, B., & Del Ponte, A. (2022). Integrating Web Applications into Popular Survey Platforms for Online Experiments. Behavior Research Methods. [link]

National & Partisan Identity

  • Bankert, A., Del Ponte, A., & Huddy, L. (in press). Partisanship in Times of Crisis – Evidence from Italy. Political Science Research and Methods.
  • Del Ponte, A., Delton, A., & DeScioli, P.  (2021). Altruism and Spite in Politics: How the Mind Makes Welfare Tradeoffs About Political Parties. Political Behavior, 43, 1289-1310. [link]
  • Del Ponte, A. (2021). The Influence of Foreign Elite Rhetoric: National Identity, Emotions, and Attitudes toward Austerity. European Union Politics, 22(1), 155-178. [link]
  • Huddy, L., Del Ponte, A.& Davies, C.  (2021). Nationalism, Patriotism, and Support for the European Union. Political Psychology, 42(6), 995-1017. [link]
  • Huddy, L., & Del Ponte, A. (2019). National Identity, Pride, and Chauvinism – their Origins and Consequences for Globalization Attitudes. In G. Gustavsson & D. Miller (Eds.),  Liberal Nationalism and Its Critics: Normative and Empirical Questions. Oxford University Press. [link]