Garrett Till

Garrett Asa Till

Degree Program: PhD Advisor: Dr. Stephen Katsinas

Research Areas

  • American Politics
  • Public Policy and Administration


From Greenville, AL, Garrett has been at UA since 2017 and has since acquired his bachelor’s in Political Science, master of Public Administration, and is beginning his time in the Political Science doctoral program. Garrett has been attentive to politics in Alabama with experience in congressional campaigns throughout his undergraduate studies. The Butler County native was drawn to the Education Policy Center upon first reading their Black Belt 2020 reports and was immediately inspired to come aboard, and co-author 6 of the Black Belt 2022 reports, as well as 2 articles featured in the Winter 2023 special edition of the Journal of Education Finance. His roles at the EPC and its research include editing, data visualization, technical and donor liaison.

Selected Publications

Bray, N. J., Till, G. A., D’Amico, M., & Katsinas, S. G. (2023). Emerging from COVID-19: The 2022 Report of Finance and Access Issues. Journal of Education Finance, 40(3), 251-266. Katsinas, S. G., Keeney, N. E., Bray, N. J., Alexander, F. K., & Till, G. A. (2023). Realigning Federal and State Financing Policies for Community Colleges. Journal of Education Finance, 40(3), 306-334. Corley, E.G., Till, G. A., O’Brien, S., & Katsinas, S. G. (2022) Black Belt 2022,  Education Policy Center Issue Brief Series, 55-61.