Our department is home to home to leading scholars who conduct innovative, rigorous research that spans a broad range of subfields in political science.  The faculty’s interests range from American politics to comparative politics and international relations to political theory, judicial politics, and public policy. Our department continues to grow, and we have benefited from the addition of a number of new, productive scholars who are producing cutting edge work.  Our faculty have produced new insights into topics as varied as:

  • the forces that promote and inhibit international conflict, both between and within nations
  • the role of geography in such political phenomena as voting and international conflict
  • the sources of variation in political attitudes of citizens, within developed and developing countries (e.g. Africa)
  • the role of political parties in industrialized democracies
  • the important of race and race relations in contemporary American politics
  • the sources and effects of variations in public policies across national states and nation-states

Our facuty is heavily invested in collaborative research, and frequently involve their undergraduate and graduate students in their research projects.  These collaborations have resulted in numerous publications in many highly respected book presses and academic journals. This research has been funded by prestigious granting agencies, including the National Science Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, among others. Our faculty’s research has also been recognized by numerous national and international awards.

The Department hosts an active colloquium series that features research from our own faculty and students, as well as research of innovative scholars from around the country. Please visit our Faculty Publications page and our Colloquium Series page to learn more about the research activities within our department.