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The Washington Experience

NON-UA Programs:

“Some of these entities offer both placement in internship positions AND academic credit from non-UA institutions.  In many cases, that credit may be transferable  to UA credit (although it would not count as being ‘in residence.”)    Some of these entities are just offering the internship positions themselves.  In such cases, students might be able to arrange UA (in-residence) credit through our PSC 399;   contact with questions.

Click here: Summer 2018 Internships with Common Cause

Click here: Fund for American Studies/George Mason internship program

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Additional Programs:

A&S Experiential Learning Services : “This is an office within the College of Arts and Sciences that assists students who seek internships and other forms of experiential education (such as assisting faculty members with research, performing community service, participating in education abroad, etc.)  While they do not actually place students in internships themselves, they work with students to identify opportunities and assist with applications.  In addition, this office will guide students through the process of obtaining  academic credit and finalizing logistical issues such as housing and travel. They will also help students to identify useful campus services to assist with planning.

For more information, please review our website or contact Pamela Derrick, Director of Experiential Learning Services at