Why an International Studies Major?

This multidisciplinary major is housed within the Political Science Department and encompasses the study of world politics. Students select from three fields: international relations, international business, or peace and conflict studies. Students will also concentrate on a region of the world or a methods specialization. A language minor that corresponds to the region is required. Students will learn about world politics and economics through various approaches.

Those enrolled in this major may have interests, for example, in public service careers that deal with international affairs, the legal profession–especially international law, teaching in high schools and universities, the military, and political advocacy. Beyond the college requirements, course work for this major typically includes political science, history, languages, economics, and anthropology.  

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Meet the Faculty of the International Studies Department


Dr. Karl R. DeRouen, Director

Dr. Daniel J. Levine

Job Opportunities

Besides positions in fields of public service and politics (especially the diplomatic fields), law, education, military, and journalism, there are opportunities for graduates in business, and academia.

Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa, a community with a population of 78,000, approximately 55 miles west of Birmingham, Alabama. It serves about 17,000 undergraduate students and 4,000 graduate students from around the nation and the world.

Requirements for the Major in International Studies

The International Studies major requires 120 applicable semester hours including 36 hours of specialized coursework. 12 hours must be chosen from the fields of International Business and Economics, or Peace and Conflict Studies. All requirements and other credits shall in total show a minimum of 120 applicable semester hours.


Major Courses

The major in international studies requires the successful completion of the following 36 semester hours:


ANT 102 (3 credit hours)
EC 111 (3 credit hours)
GY 105 (3 credit hours)
HY 102 or HY 106 (3 credit hours)
PSC 204 (3 credit hours)
Field requirement1 300 or 400 level (6 credit hours)
Field requirement1 (6 credit hours)
Area requirement2 300 or 400 level (3 credit hours)
Area requirement2 (6 credit hours)

Total: 36 credit hours                                                           

1Fields: Students must earn a minimum of 12 hours chosen from one of the following fields. A maximum of 6 hours can be in a single department. A minimum of 6 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

1) International Relations
2) International Business & Economics
3) Peace & Conflict Studies

2Areas: Students must earn a minimum of 9 hours chosen from one of the following areas. A maximum of 6 hours can be in a single department. A minimum of 3 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Students must earn a minimum of 9 hours chosen from the following areas (or methods specialization for peace and conflict studies). PSC 321 and PSC 422 can be used to satisfy concentration requirements provided the topic relates to the specific field and the program director approves.

1. Asia: ANT 415, ANT 417, GY347, HY 243, HY 244, HY 306, HY 309, HY 310, HY 401, HY 402, HY 403, HY 404, HY 405, REL 208, REL 210, or REL 220. Language minor: Chinese or Japanese.

2. Latin America: ANT 408, ANT 409, ANT 413, EC 442, GY 343, GY 345, HY 237, HY 238, HY 474, HY 475, or PSC 332. Language minor: Spanish.

3. Middle East and Africa: ANT 414, ANT 430, CL 384, GY 444, HY 384, or REL 224. Language minor: French or student-designed minor in Arabic language and culture.

4. Russia and Eastern Europe: HY 361, HY 362, PSC 333, PSC 342, PSC 433, PSC 436, RUS 211, RUS 251, or RUS 252. Language minor: Russian.

5. Western Europe: ANT 412, CL 385, CL 386, GN 260, HY 247, HY 248, HY 321, HY 349, HY 353, HY 357, HY 358, HY 365, HY 385, HY 386, HY 393, HY 442, HY 443, HY 444, HY 446, HY 447, HY 451, HY 455, HY 490, HY 491, HY 493, HY 494, HY 495, or PSC 334. Language minor: French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

6. Methods Specialization (peace and conflict studies only): EC 471, HY 430, PSC 202, PSC 421, ST 260, ST 310, ST 450, or ST 451. Language minor: Any foreign language minor.

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