Recent Publications

Terry Royed, Robert Thomson, Elin Naurin, and Mark Ferguson, “The Fulfillment of Parties’ Election Pledges: A Comparative Study on the Impact of Power Sharing.” Journal Article

Terry Royed (University of Alabama), Robert Thomson (Monash University), Elin Naurin (University of Gathenburg),  and Mark Ferguson (Bennett College) American Journal of Political Science (Volume 16; Number 3. Pages 527-542. July 2017) Abstract Why are some parties more likely than others to keep the promises they made during previous election campaigns? This study provides the

Nicole Darnell, Hyunjung Ji, and Matthew Potoski, “The Institutional Design of Eco-labels: Sponsorship Signals Rule Strength.” Journal Article

Nicole Darnall (Arizona State University), Hyunjung Ji (University of Alabama), and Matthew Potoski (University of California, Santa Barbara) Regulation & Governance  Abstract Eco-labels are designed to help consumers identify environmentally superior products and services, however, they are not all created equal. Some eco-labels have strong rules that promote environmental improvements, while others have weaker rules

Hyunjung Ji and Nicole Darnall, “All Are Not Created Equal: Assessing Local Governments’ Strategic Approaches Towards Sustainability.” Journal Article

Hyunjung Ji (University of Alabama) and Nicole Darnall (Arizona State University) Public Management Review (Published March 2017) Abstract While local governments often implement equivalent numbers of sustainability programmes, they likely utilize different strategies to design them. We posit that some local governments pursue more of an exploration strategy, by experimenting with a broad range of sustainability

Holger Albrecht, Kevin Koehler and Dorothy Ohl, “From Disaffection to Desertion: How Networks Facilitate Military Insubordination in Civil Conflict.” Journal Article

Holger Albrecht (University of Alabama), Kevin Koehler (American University in Cairo), and Dorothy Ohl (George Washington University) Comparative Politics (Vol. 48, No. 8, pp. 439-457 ; Published July 2016) Abstract Scholarship on intrastate conflict and civil-military relations has largely ignored individual desertions during civil war. We show that high-risk behavior, such as desertion, is best

Daniel J. Levine, et al., “Planet Politics: A Manifesto from the End of IR.” Journal Article

Daniel J. Levine (University of Alabama), Anthony Burke (UNSW Austrailia), Stefanie Fishel (University of Alabama), Audra Mitchell (Balsillie School of International Affairs/Wilfrid, Laurier University), and Simon Dalby (Balsillie School of International Affairs/Wilfrid, Laurier University) Millennium (Published (June, 2016); 44:3 – 499-523 ) Abstract Planet Politics is about rewriting and rethinking International Relations as a set of

J. Norman Baldwin, “Winning at Following: Secrets to Success in Supporting Roles.” Book

J. Norman Baldwin (University of Alabama) Published 2016 Abstract This book presents the first and only road map for finding success and happiness in life’s most common yet underrated role—that of follower. The book synthesizes the findings from the quantitative and qualitative research to reveal the qualities and skills that leaders and managers are looking

Holger Albrecht and Dorothy Ohl, “Exit, Resistance, Loyalty: Military Behavior during Unrest in Authoritarian Regimes.” Journal Article

Holger Albrecht (University of Alabama) and Dorothy Ohl (George Washington University) Perspectives on Politics (Published March 21, 2016; Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 38-52 ) Abstract A few years into the most recent wave of popular uprisings—the Arab Spring—studying regime trajectories in countries such as Syria, Egypt, and Yemen still seems like shooting at a

Daniel J. Levine, “These Days of Shoah’: History, Habitus, and Realpolitik in Jewish Palestine, 1942-43.” Journal Article

Daniel J. Levine (University of Alabama) Political Power and Social Theory Journal  (Published (2017) 32 , pp. 99-125) Abstract This article explores the role of history and historical memory in the formation of early Zionist/Israeli national security doctrine. To that end, it makes three moves. First, it explores a series of public addresses made by Zalman

J. Norman Baldwin and William A. McCracken, “Explaining State Unemployment in the U.S.: Cross-national Versus Political Predictors.” Journal Article

J. Norman Baldwin (University of Alabama) and William A. McCracken (University of Alabama) International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Published 2016) Abstract This article investigates the effects of national and state-level political variables on state unemployment and unemployment growth rates while controlling for the national economy and predictors drawn from cross-national research and state

Holger Albrecht, Aurel Croissant, and Fred Lawson, “Armies and Insurgencies in the Arab Spring.” Book

Holger Albrecht (University of Alabama), Aurel Croissant (University of Heidelberg), and Fred Lawson (Mills College) University of Pennsylvania Press (Published 2016) Abstract Armies and Insurgencies in the Arab Spring explores the central problems surrounding the role of armed forces in the contemporary Arab world. How and why do military apparatuses actively intervene in politics? What explains