Dr. Waleed Hazbun, “American Interventionism and the Geopolitical Roots of Yemen’s Catastrophe.” Journal Article

American Interventionism and the Geopolitical Roots of Yemen’s Catastrophe

Dr. Waleed Hazbun (The University of Alabama)

Middle East Report: No. 289 (Winter 2018): 32-37


The region’s current pattern of violence is rooted in the repeated US efforts to re-make the region to its advantage through the use of coercive force since 2001. Washington’s interventions and proliferating counterterrorism operations around the region—along with the new Arab wars that followed the Arab uprisings—have led regional middle powers to attempt to reshape that system to serve their own interests. The Saudi–Emirati war in Yemen is just the most tragic example of an Arab state suffering from the geopolitical transformation of the geopolitical and regional order.