Political Science Departmental Scholarships

Greetings PSC majors (Happy New Year, and Roll Tide as well)!

The PSC Department has four small scholarships that it awards every year. We are currently taking applications for all four programs. You can find complete information about scholarship requirements, eligibility, and amounts at

NOTE THAT EACH SCHOLARSHIP HAS SPECIFIC UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS AND IS ONLY OPEN TO CERTAIN TYPES OF PSC MAJORS. PLEASE READ THE SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU QUALIFY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING (AND THAT YOU SUPPLY ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION FOR THAT SCHOLARSHIP—for example, the Clabaugh scholarship requires some statement regading financial need, so you cannot be considered for that scholarship if your application lacks that. We will not be sending out reminders or prompts about this).

No student can apply for more than two different scholarships. We do not award multiple scholarships to any individual in any one year. Also note, unfortunately, that all scholarships except for the Boone are limited to PSC majors only (International Studies majors are not eligible, unless they are PSC/INST double majors).

The deadline for all applications Is JANUARY 15th at 11:59 PM, so you do not have a great deal of time to apply.

Good luck, and please email me ( if you have any questions.