James G. Caillier, “Transformational Leadership and Whistle-Blowing Attitudes: Is This Relationship Mediated by Organizational Commitment and Public Service Motivation?” American Review of Public Administration

James Gerard Caillier

The American Review of Public Administration, July 2015; vol. 45, 4: pp. 458475


Although transformational leadership and whistle-blowing have been extensively examined, only one article was found to explore the relationship between these factors. This is despite research suggesting a connection between leadership practices and whistle-blowing attitudes. This article built on and extended leadership and whistle-blowing theories by investigating the relationship between transformational leadership and whistle-blowing attitudes, as well as how this association might be mediated by public service motivation (PSM) and organizational commitment. Furthermore, the examination was conducted on local, state, and federal government employees in the United States. The findings indicated that transformational leadership had a direct, positive impact on whistle-blowing attitudes, as well as an indirect one through organizational commitment. In addition, PSM had an indirect effect on whistle-blowing attitudes through organizational commitment. On the other hand, PSM was not found to mediate the relationship between transformational leadership and attitudes concerning blowing the whistle.