Wednesday, September 14th (12-1pm)

Dr. Holger Albrecht, Vistiting Associate Professor, University of Alabama

Title: “Going on the Run: What Drives Military Desertion in Violent Domestic Conflict?”


Friday, September 30th (12-1pm)

Dr. Matthew Buehler, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

Title: “Who Becomes Trusted, Long-Term Advisors to Autocrats? Elites and the Social Composition of Authoritarian Coalitions in Tunisia and the Middle East.”


Monday, November 21st (12:00-1:00pm)

Michelle Jurkovich, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Title: “Not all Rights Have Norms: Blame Diffusion in International Anti-Hunger Advocacy.”


Friday, January 20th (TBD)

Dr. Hongtao Yi, Ohio State University.

Title: TBD


Wednesday, January 25th (TBD)

Dr. Yanna Krupnikov, Stony Brook University

Title: TBD


Friday, February 17 (TBD)

John McCauley, University of Maryland

Title: TBD


Friday, April 21st (TBD)

Teri Caraway, University of Minnesora

Title: TBD